Dec 192015

Pregnancy can be a wonderful feeling for a woman. However, certain complications may arise that can affect successful pregnancy. Bleeding or spotting during early pregnancy, for instance, is one such symptom. Statistical data indicates about 30% women experience some sort of spotting or bleeding during early pregnancy. 50% of such cases lead to miscarriages. Again ectopic pregnancies and molar pregnancies can also trigger such symptoms. Bleeding or spotting symptoms, however, do not necessarily confirm a miscarriage in each case.

When women experience such symptoms they should immediately use a pad to understand the amount of bleeding. Experts recommend not using tampons or having an intercourse in such situations. Women should get in touch with their gynecologist without delay. The possible reasons causing bleeding and spotting has already been mentioned above. There might be other conditions responsible for this and these are:

Breakthrough bleeding, this happens due to the covering of the menstrual cycle by the pregnancy hormones. The cycle carries on for an extended duration. Women might presume this as their periods, but it was actually due to breakthrough bleeding.

Implantation bleeding, this usually occurs in between six to twelve days after conceiving.  The degree of bleeding and spotting can vary from one woman to the other. Some women will experience light spotting for a few hours while for some this may continue for a few days.

Certain infections in the pelvic cavity or urinary tract can also trigger these symptoms.

Miscarriage is generally the outcome for more than 50% of women who experience bleeding or spotting symptoms. This unfortunate incident generally occurs within the first trimester. Unfortunately, there is no treatment available for miscarriages and it will mean a loss of pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy can occur when the pregnancy has been implanted outside the uterus. There have been reported incidents where pregnancies have occurred in the ovary, cervix or the abdominal area. Whenever the fertilized eggs are blocked by some reason ectopic pregnancies can happen. It is usually very difficult to determine the actual reason for an ectopic pregnancy. When ectopic pregnancy occurs there will be additional symptoms like a decrease in the pregnancy hormone, traumatic pain around the abdominal area, cramps that are many times profound compared to the menstrual cramps, persistent shoulder pain, and constipation.

Molar pregnancies are extremely rare. This happens due to abnormal growth of a tissue in place of the embryo. This condition is also referred as gestational trophoblastic disease. The other symptoms include feeling of vomiting and nausea, hypertension, lack of fetal heartbeat and motility etc. Genetic causes, the unnatural behavior of the placenta are some of the reasons leading to develop molar pregnancies.

In either of these cases, it is important for seeking the help of a gynecologist. Though they may not be able to save the pregnancy yet the life of the woman can be saved. For any woman experiencing either of these issues will find it difficult to cope with the situation. This necessitates the

requirement of early pregnancy tests. An ultrasound pregnancy scan might also be suggested by the gynecologist. For the sake of supporting the mental state of the woman, counseling can also be of great help. If women get themselves informed with all these details they can eliminate the threat of hazardous consequences.

None of the signs and symptoms during the entire course of pregnancy should be ignored. Therefore, every woman should report to their gynecologist specifying their problems however trifle they may appear. Miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy does not mean the end of the road for women. The best ob-gyn doctors would always encourage women to instill confidence in them for a successful pregnancy later.


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