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Pregnancy also referred as gestation or gravidity, is the period when one or more offspring develops inside a woman’s body. The offspring is also referred as fetus or embryo. Some women have a multiple pregnancy, i.e. when more than one embryo is present in a single pregnancy, such as twins. The ideal time of childbirth is considered after 38 weeks of conceiving the pregnancy; this is calculated from the beginning of the last menstrual period (LMNP). According to expert gynecologists, most pregnancies range within 37 to 42 weeks. The time can vary from one woman to the other. Childbirth before 37 weeks is considered pre-term and those born after 43 weeks are considered postmature. With the help of medical advancements even infertile couples are achieving success presently.

It is important to understand the symptoms of pregnancy initially. These symptoms can vary from woman to woman. However, the most common symptom signaling pregnancy would e a missed period. Generally, the symptoms should be visible within a week of conception. Some other common signs of pregnancy include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, tenderness in the breasts, recurrent urge to urinate, headaches, mood swings, and constipation. As mentioned earlier, a woman can also be pregnant without experiencing any of these symptoms.

A pregnancy test will confirm the pregnancy. This is done by evaluating a hormone in the urine or blood that is only present when a woman is pregnant. The pregnancy urine test can be performed at home with the help of kits while the blood work can be performed at the doctor’s clinic. When pregnancy is confirmed the woman will schedule her first visit to the ob-gyn’s office. The entire duration of pregnancy is divided in three trimesters, which last about 12-14 weeks each. The gynecologist will also introduce the woman to the pregnancy due date calculator, which helps her estimate the time when to expect the baby. In all these three trimesters, the woman undergoes a series of physical and emotional changes which make them unique.

Unfortunately, not all pregnancies end positively. Complications can occur during any of the three trimesters. Thus, it is important for the woman to be constantly monitored by the ob-gyn specialist during the entire gestation period. Issues like miscarriage, premature labor, and birth, preeclampsia, low amniotic fluid, gestational diabetes, ectopic pregnancy are some of the issues that can bring an abrupt end to the pregnancy. Additionally, women who have health problems such as Anemia, Constipation, Genital infections, Cramps, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Hypotension (low blood pressure), Gum disease, Swollen ankles, feet, fingers, Nausea and vomiting, Urinary tract infections, Heartburn and Moodiness should discuss it with the ob-gyn specialist to ensure the pregnancy is properly maintained. Also if you do not eat fish, it would be a good idea to have omega-3 supplements during pregnancy.

Gestation is considered a wonderful period in the life of a woman. Therefore, she needs to do the needful to avoid being stressed or carrying unnecessary fears about the outcome. The family members also need to support her during the entire pregnancy period. A woman who is happy, maintains a perfect weight, takes a balanced diet, does moderate exercising makes the pregnancy period smooth.

Some women are not eager to get pregnant. Either they have already given birth to a baby or simply do not want to burden the responsibility of childcare. They usually undergo tubal ligation surgery, a permanent form of sterilization. Later on due to circumstantial or emotional changes they may repent their earlier decision. Pregnancy for them is a distant reality. Thankfully, with the help of tubal reversal surgery they can expect to successfully conceive again. However, for this many factors are considered. Those who are not eligible for getting a tubal reversal surgery will have to look for the other alternative, IVF. Presently, there are millions of couples worldwide who are resorting to alternative ways of pregnancy. IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies have helped them in achieving their goals.

Once a pregnancy is confirmed it is always important to get information about the best ob-gyn specialists. Additionally, the couple should inquire about the facilities available in those clinics. A world-class health care facility would ensure the pregnancy to be successful. Any health related issues that can become a barrier for the pregnancy can be dealt by the experienced intervention of the gynecologist.

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