Dec 192015

Once pregnancy is confirmed it brings in unbound joy for a woman. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best phases of womanhood. However, it is important for pregnant women to be more responsible during this period. Particularly, women need to watch their diet and nutrition. For the sake of the fetus developing inside the body, the pregnant woman needs to add more nutritious food in her diet. This is also important since a woman’s body undergoes rapid changes during the entire pregnancy period.

The pregnant mother is the sole source to meet the nutritional demands of the unborn baby. The dietary habits will directly impact the baby’s overall health and well-being. Those women who are prone to poor eating habits will lead to adversity in a successful pregnancy. Poor dietary choices can trigger serious conditions like anemia, preeclampsia, frequent mood swings, tiredness, cramps, and constipation. All these conditions ultimately affect the fetus.

Research has confirmed the diet and nutrition of the mother impacts the physical development, intelligence, and development of the fetus. The pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters. The diet and nutrition will vary as the pregnancy progresses from one trimester to the other. For instance, during the first trimester women do not require to add extra calories to their diet, instead, they need to introduce plenty of high protein, calcium, vitamins, zinc, essential fatty acids, minerals and folic acid in their diets. The role of folic acid during gestation is immensely important. Studies have established folic acid can safeguard from an extreme neurological brain and spinal cord disorders.

With the gradual progression of the pregnancy, women need to increase the protein intake. A pregnant woman would typically require 300 calories more during the last two trimesters of pregnancy. Woman are known to gain weight during this period. Usually, 3-5 pounds are gained in the first few months. During the last six months of pregnancy, women should not gain more than 3 pounds of weight. Since the characteristics of each woman are different the diet and nutritional plan have to be worked out accordingly.

The foods needed to be included by the expectant mothers are wholesome and fresh high-fiber foods, dairy, carrots, and tomatoes, a lot of fresh fruits, nuts such as almonds, leafy vegetables, milk and its variants are the best choices. It is also important for the woman to split the eating period to at least five times daily. It is highly un-recommended to eat heavy meals or take junk foods. Overeating will lead to a sense of discomfort. Again, women in pregnancy should always remain hydrated. By taking plenty of liquids, the toxins of the body get eliminated.

Women can now find all the relevant information regarding their diet and nutritionist from various web resources. Since the pregnancy period of a woman is strictly monitored by a gynecologist, they will be able to recommend the best diet for the woman. If not, they will refer the woman to the best nutritionist. This will ensure a smooth pregnancy from conception till the childbirth.

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