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Health experts are working unceasingly to prevent complications that may evolve during pregnancies. The changed lifestyles, in most cases undisciplined lifestyles, environmental pollution, exposure to toxins and several other factors are now responsible for jeopardizing a pregnancy. Some of the latest findings in this field make an attempt to minimize the barriers of pregnancy. Highlighted below are some of the current pregnancy and childbirth related news.

Preeclampsia, a condition that happens in pregnancy can put an abrupt end to a successful gestation. Latest findings recommend the use of low-dose aspirin given to women suffering from diabetes and chronic hypertension and in women who are dealing with problems like obesity, multiple gestation and advanced maternal age as a preventive measure. Preeclampsia is responsible for one in seven preterm births and one in ten maternal deaths in the U.S. With the administration of a low dose aspirin the complication may well be regulated. Its always advisable to get in touch with your Ob/Gyn in case of any doubts.

In yet another breakthrough, research confirmed women having elevated levels of testosterone and estrogen in their middle ages are at a higher risk of developing complications like uterine fibroids. This is particularly evident in women who are overweight. Uterine fibroids are responsible for irregular bleeding, infertility pelvic pain and pregnancy loss. This study was conducted for a period of 13 years among 3,240 women. 43.6% of these women completed the regular follow-ups. The subjects in this study which was conducted in the city of Philadelphia, were regularly evaluated for their estrogen and androgen levels. These women were also inquired about being diagnosed by uterine fibroids. A major section of the women confirmed of being diagnosed with fibroids. This latest finding is being considered important since testosterone was never thought to be the root cause of this problem. Health experts believe this new finding will enable new ways to manage and treat uterine fibroids.

Pregnancy complications are rising alarmingly. This can be taxing for the women who might not be able to deliver a child ultimately. To make matters worse, a recent study has established pregnancy complications can be linked from dying of heart disease at a later point of time. This risk is particularly elevated for those who were dealing with a specific health problem during the gestation period. The study indicates women before the age of 60 have twice or thrice the risk of developing a hazardous cardiovascular disorder if preeclampsia was diagnosed in the later stage of pregnancy. The said risk becomes six times higher when women develop preeclampsia rather early in the gestation period. Around 15,000 women were analyzed for this study. The women who had no complications were safe while 31 percent of these women experienced a single complication and about 5 percent had recurrent complications.

These findings introduce us to potential remedies and dangers during pregnancies. However, this is clearly understood that women should remain in their optimum health to ensure a safe pregnancy. A disciplined lifestyle, healthy eating habits, involving in moderate workouts and remaining stress-free are some of the simple steps that can be adapted to inhibit the unsolicited risks of pregnancy.
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